Your Pet Tributes

'Faun Rose'

by Angela
(Orlando, FL)

I was there for your first breath, I was there for your last-almost 14 years later. I pray you know how much you mean to me. My beautiful "chocolate mousse pup" how very much I miss you. When you aged and became frail, so did my heart, knowing the time was coming.

Those last weeks were so full of love and tenderness; and while I took care of you, I was able to forget for a moment what it meant. Your last kisses are still warm on my face, I feel your last breaths on my arm. I can't thank you enough, Faun, for being the wonderful spirit you are. The spot of my heart no one could touch.

I miss the click of your nails that told me you were coming to me; I miss the wag of your tail when you looked into my eyes and saw my love. Most of all I miss your very warmth, always beside me, always loving. You were my champion and I hope I did you honor. I love you forever.

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