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'Fluffy My 16 Year Old Pom'

by Linda
(Boston Ma)

I met my little Fluffy in a pet store somewhere near Destin Fl in April 1995. There she was in a cage shaking like a leaf. I picked her and she pee all over me, that was love at first sight.

She was a very special dog, I already had a one year old Pomeranian name Spunky so I wanted to make sure he had company while I was away to work. She seemed timid and more likely was raised in a kennel farm, which I will never buy another pet from a pet store. They met and became inseparable for 16 years.

I was in the Air Force for 20 years so they both sacrificed as much as I did. Every time I would deploy I would send them to my Mom. I always kept connected to both with phone calls. For days people thought I was on the phone talking to my kids, no it was my two little dogs on speaker phone..LOL. My mom would describe how excited they seem when they heard my voice. My babies, my friends, my everything.

I was blessed to finally give them my all I got out of the Air Force and I was able to spend at least the last 6 years without any deployments. Fluffy went to heaven on Tuesday 14 June 2011, it was the hardest decision I had to make, she was on medicine for seizures and it was not helping. She would pee and poo everywhere, she was not herself any longer.

Making the decision to put her down was the hardest decision in my life. My vet was very gracious by letting me spend her last seconds with her. Spunky is adjusting too. I am trying to keep him on the same schedule so he doesn't get confused.

My little fluffy was my little girl that I could never have. Rest in Peace my little angel I will see you across the Rainbow. I will be taking her ashes back to Destin Florida in two weeks, she loved playing on beach. I miss you sweety.

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