Your Pet Tributes


by Odie Seneres
(United Arab Emirates)

Fluky at 3 years old

Fluky at 3 years old

I'd always been a pet lover and more interested in pet dogs. It was 10 years ago when a friend gave me a puppy as a gift. I named him... Fluky. He was a mixed long haired daschian with hazel eyes. He was very playful and sweet.

Everyday we play, everyday I cared for him, no days going out without a hug to this lovely pet. Whenever I'm home, he always watches me sleeping and when I'm away, I see to it that he has been taken cared of by somebody.

Years had passed and I have to go for my International trips... the last time I noticed from my lovely Fluky was his rarely active hugs and kisses to me when I bid goodbye to him. I'd always been missing my Fluky when I'm away and the only means to ease this loneliness was to see him on the web.

More years had passed and it came the news that my Fluky is gone.. Lo! I did not understand how I feel when hearing the news. All I remember was the feeling of losing a loved one. Although I'm so far away, but I felt the pain inside of me. I wish I could have hug again my lovely Fluky.

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