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Freeda-Lee 1996 - 2010

Freeda-Lee 1996 - 2010

Freeda arrived in 1994 and at first it was just "off"; she was frightened and I tried to comfort her and it just was not quite right... for many years we existed like this and though I loved her and would hold her it just was not like previous pets. Freeda was so sweet, so attentive and so pretty... she never once... ever scratched or bit. She loved to play, she fetched and she was very clever.....

Anyway, I got divorced and she came with me and we started to bond. Over the past 6 years we became best friends and we were in tune. She started to sleep with me and then to sit with me for TV time and we would play. She knew my every move and I knew hers... we were totally in sync.

Then in June I found a huge tumor on her. I don't think she knew (or she was in denial)... it was too big to remove as it would leave a huge hole... and I thought she'd decline slowly... then last week she suffered a massive seizure and I handled it very poorly.

Subsequently I took her to the vet and her cancer had spread to her brain. In an effort to let her life remain in tact, I made the most heart wrenching decision to euthanize and now I just miss her so much.

It is a loss... like any other loss... and thus it just stinks. I've been through this before so I know that the pain gets less & less but all the same I just miss her so much and can't stop thinking about her. She was my everything.

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