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'Frisky aka Frisky-poo'

by Tish

My Frisky-poo

My Frisky-poo

Dear Frisky

It's only been a day since you left, so right now I don't know how to continue this life without you in it. But I know that eventually I must. We had a great run, my friend. I loved you dearly and miss the bond we shared. You helped bring me through some difficult times and kept a smile on my face and laughter in my heart even when I thought it wasn't possible.

Almost 9 years, and you never sat, stayed, heeled, or came to me on command. Unless I had a bag of treats in my hand. You were talented, scooting your rump across the grass WHILE barking at strange cars. Standing against me to stretch your hind legs every morning. Barking at me if I came home from work too late. Barking at my boyfriend. Laying smack in the middle of my bed where I couldn't shift or move the covers without dragging you with it. And yes, you were an aggressive player. You destroyed any stuffed toy that you didn't like within 2 days and spared the rest.

My sister jokingly called you "Man's First Dog." Funny, I always knew you would be independent minded with a do-it-my-way attitude, but I could never get mad because that's how I raised you from a pup--spoiled, stubborn, playful, loving. And strong.

I wish you wouldn't have stayed strong those days leading to your passing . Wish that, days before, you would have shown some signs that you were terribly sick, that there were tumors growing. But now I realize that you were being strong for me. There is a terrible, terrible void in my heart because I miss you more than words can express. You were one special dog and furry friend, Frisky. I thank God for bringing you into my life. There will never be another you.



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