Your Pet Tributes


by Alana and Sean
(Trinidad, South Caribbean)

George helping to wash the car

George helping to wash the car

George helping to wash the car George being his beautiful self Loved to sleep on shoulders Right after we found him and fed him

We lost George last week. We were devastated. He would have been 3 years old in October and we thought we would have him for a really long time. He was our first pet together.

We were meant to find him. His mother took her litter and left him behind in a big box filled with stones at the back of our apartment. We came back from vacation in time to hear him cry. He was 4 weeks old. He never cried or shied away when we held him, we fed him and then he proceeded to climb on a shoulder and fall asleep.

He was never a normal cat, very humanised. Had so much character. Everyone who met him loved him. He would give me attitude if I came home late from work, and he would wait at the gate for Sean so that he could get a ride up the driveway either on the hood or the dashboard of the car.

George was nosy and even though he was an outdoor and indoor cat like the 7 other cats we got, he would come running every time he heard a dresser drawer open or a cabinet so he could nose around. If the plumber came he would be in the toolbox.

We found George's body across the road in a drain as we canvassed our neighborhood handing out flyers. We still don't know what happened. We are fortunate to have had him and thanked God everyday for him. But we will always miss him

Alana and Sean

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