Your Pet Tributes

'Ginger aka "GiGi"'

by Lynnette Jackson
(San Marcos, Texas)

Her Last Day With Me !

Her Last Day With Me !

I remember the day I brought you home Gigi ~ for it was one of the happiest days of my life. You were tiny, I waited hours to get you, and you instantly became a part of me.

You were my friend through the hardest of times. You sat by me when I cried, you laid with me when I was scared and you comforted me when I was hopeless. You were beside me when I came home late at night after acting foolishly, the only one waiting at the door... faithfully.

You were tiny but your heart was so large. Even in death - I was told... "Her heart was three times the normal size". No wonder you taught me so much about love. Thanks for the memories, I love you, today and always. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, wait for me girl - wait for me!

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