Your Pet Tributes


by Elle
(Tokyo, Japan (Goliaths home was NC))

Big Kitty

Big Kitty

My dearest Goliath,

I can't believe I was a world away when you left this one. I was there when you first opened your baby blue eyes. I held you close during storms. I confided all my dreams in you. You healed my broken heart so many times, but now no one can heal this one.

Everyone one who met you, loved you instantly. You were more than the perfect cat, you were the perfect friend. And while everyone thought you were named because of your size, the truth is you got your name from a cartoon character who was strong and well loved. That's the name you lived up to.

You left so suddenly, but your sweet life will linger on throughout the many people who remember you. Rest in Peace my sweet angel kitty. I will always love you.

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