Your Pet Tributes

'Grey Kitty'

by Madeline, Franklin & Joseph
(Higginsville, MO)

Dear Grey Kitty,

We miss you very, very much... You were the greatest kitty ever! You were the best kitty ever. We found out today that you went to heaven. We are all very sad, but we knew that you were very old and not feeling very good. We hope that you are know feeling better in heaven and that you are having a fun time. We love you sooo good. What does heaven look like? I love you very, very much.

You were the best cat in all of the world. Madeline loved to play dress up with you Kitty. Franklin liked to cuddle with you. Madeline had fun cuddling with you also. Joseph liked to have you on his bed. We love you too much! are you having a good time! I love you!!!!!!!! Have a good time with Daddy, Gdpa Bob, Papa, Rover, and Rasta.


Your family

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