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'Henry And Chandler - First Christmas Without You Both'

Dec 25, 2011

by Susan Ray
(United Kingdom)

Today is the First Christmas that our darling sweet babies Henry and Chandler haven't been with us, and today we have talked about you both remembered you both and with sadness and heartache still we can't let go of your memories and the happy times we all shared with you both.

You were the most loyalist dogs and friends any owner could ask for. You were both different in your own little ways. Chandler was a mummy's boy followed me around sleeping at my feet, whereas Henry was all the family's baby he would love us all. That's how special you were to us. We will never forget you my darlings.

Sometimes when I walk in to my bedroom I notice that my duvet is crumpled up like something has been on there and left their prints and I look at your pictures and say to myself Henry and Chandler is that you ???? I don't get an answer but I know deep down that you have been lying on my bed.

So today being Christmas day it's still with so much sadness that I say to you Henry and Chandler, We will always love you and always miss you both till we meet again.

Lots of love hugs and kisses from your Mummy. xxxxxxxx

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