Your Pet Tributes


by Meena
(San Jose, CA)

No matter how alone you could ever feel, he was always there. He watched you as you studied, cooked, chatted and prayed. He never retreated from your touch, or gaze, and was always grateful for his walks and your affection.

He was the size of a quarter when you rescued him on that hot, tar-on-the-toad was melting day, and since then he rescued everyday with his presence. He was your ever-present companion. Your worm-wrangler, your strawberry fiend. Your Houdini.

He almost outgrew his shell, because if ever a turtle loved his human, it was Herman, and his heart swelled with love for you as much as you miss him now.

To my Beloved sister Moneer. Herman is only away, never gone. He will rejoin the stuff of stars now, and you will see him later.

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