Your Pet Tributes

'Hero Mouse'

by Jean
(Durham England)

This is for the bravest mouse in the world, my little white mouse Hero.

When the awful time happened when the wild rats were getting in the house, they got to and killed so many of my little furbaby mice, this tribute is for them also. The poor poor little mouse who died a horrible death as I found just the head in the bars of he cage, that sight with its little eyes wide open in fear and pain will stay with me the rest of my days.

This is to let you know I will never forget you suffering babies, and to let Hero know that for all his injuries he lived a long and I hope happy life. Rest now my babies with full health and renewed bodies, run free with all my other angel babies and budgie cage mouse, who went with you in old age, miss you all and will see you at the bridge,

Love Mum xxxxxxxxxx

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