Your Pet Tributes

'Hoover (Big Orange)'

by Springfields
(Crowley Texas)

Ode to Big Orange

You came our way on a sunny fall day

Because you wanted a friend, so let our ode begin

You had a home but you started to roam

You got your name name from sucking up the food

Hoover..the powerful cleaner upper.

Soon your business would close and your job would be ended

So you moved on in to try and make friends

With Pete and Black Bocephius...

They kept to themselves, so you had to find something to do

You began to catch rats, you knew just where they were at

You were proud to lay them about right where we came out.

Those rats they numbered about 24,

But one day you decided there would be no more...

Your tail was so fluffy, your nature was so sweet

You let small children pull on your feet...

You loved to sun and you loved to run...

You slept upside down on top of the truck...

Until the vet more outside play

For your toes they were broken, inside you must stay.

The years went so quickly, you became very sad...

You had given to life all that you had...

You tried and tried with all of your might...

To make it through that last stormy night...

To see all your family that bright Easter day

Before you went upon your way

For your spirit is now free, to run, jump and climb those trees..

We will miss you Hoover "Big Orange"

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