Your Pet Tributes


by Sam

Hunter.. It's almost been a year without you. I am having a tough time, wishing you were here. If love could have fixed you, you would still be alive. I am sad because it doesn't feel like a year, nor does it seem like yesterday.

I still remember you staring at me as I walked away. That is the hardest part. I know you loved us and wanted to stay and I know you knew you couldn't anymore. I miss you more than I have ever missed anyone and I think of you everyday! I have heard you when you weren't there and still I look for you.

Please wait for me on my day cause I know I will look for you! I want to thank you for being my best friend! With tears and happiness I write this. You were mine and that is something I will always cherish. I always thought time would heal me and it has a little. But your spot in my heart is not replaceable.

I know now about unconditional love, that has no expiration date. I know I will always miss you and I know that with every anniversary that passes it will be hard. I know that my close friends understand my grief and have been there for me, and I know that they miss you too. You were the best dog that has ever walked this earth, your love, strength and insight. I will forever miss you and I will always remember you.

Till we meet again your loving and grateful friend.


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