Your Pet Tributes


by Glory

Izzy was a special cat. I can't wait until we meet again. Me and my sister and cousin were fighting who got to hold her on the way home. My cousin won because I was somewhere. I can't wait until I hold her in my arms and laugh. She was killed at night by someone or something. Only a couple of feet from our house.

She was a calico cat, who was so cute. She stole hamburgers and bribed you of chicken when you were in the kitchen. Once we made rice krispy treats and my cousin spilled them, then she ate them.

May our crazy wonderful cat rest in peace. I will never stop missing you. But am happy you are running free and not getting yelled at.

May You Rest In Peace Izzy :')

Love Your Sister and Mommy

P.S. Pip your real cat Mom misses you too.

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