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My gorgeous 'sausage'

My gorgeous 'sausage'

To my darlng Jack who lost his battle against Cancer on 24th November 2009.

There is a hole in my heart where my dog Jack used to be. The house is so empty without you, we all miss you eveny second of everyday. I remember you choosing us when we first met you and your brothers and sisters, you were the sweetest thing, you loved your bum being patted and without fail each time you got up from sleeping under the table you'd bump your head, in the woods you would run and get Abbie to chase you and normally run staight into a tree!

Anytime there was any hint of food you'd very unsubtley beg slapping your big sausage paw on my leg and have a shoelace of drool hangging outside each side of your mouth, so cute! I already miss touching your soft fur. I feel so guilty for having to make that choice to let you go but I know we did the right thing for you and stopped you from going through pain.

You licked my face that day and I know it was you saying goodbye. I love you so very much, my friend, my 'sausage' rest in peace my sweet man. One day we will see each other again.

Love always xxx

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