Your Pet Tributes


by Fern Leaf
(Berkeley, California, USA)

Jack waiting for the vet to make the house call

Jack waiting for the vet to make the house call

Last night we had the traveling vet come over to release you from your gorgeous black alpha male kitty god body. You had been staying the course 'cuz you didn't want to leave me any more than I wanted to lose you on this side of life. But the body is fickle.

You have been my precious, faithful fur companion for the last 15 years. I have known all year that the time was coming. Your kidneys weren't keeping up. And you had that heart murmur since forever. But we kept adjusting to your more limited abilities. I can't believe that just yesterday I still was able to stroke your lovely fur. And today you are no longer here for me to pet and hear your purr.

Even the vet said what a beautiful kitty you are - and that was on your death bed. Which was of course my couch. I have it back now and it's comfy to be able to lie on my own couch - but I would rather have you back and taking your spot out of the middle, dear.

I have put down three kitties and a luscious doggie friend, too, over the years. But no one was ever my constant companion in the way you were, dear Jack. This morning when I was making something to eat, I realized that you were always a witness to the mundane activities of daily living. We were a great team in that way. Your attention made me feel special and like I must be a good person because I was lucky enough to have a fur person like you to grow and play with.

There's another big hole in my heart now without you, Jack. Please visit me in dreamtime and tell me how you are doing.

Love, hugs and special rubs to you wherever you are.

Your Mama.

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