Your Pet Tributes


by Efren Fuentes
(Monterey Park, CA, USA)



I grew up in the surburbs of Los Angeles with a brother and sister. It wasn't until our backyard was big enough when we got our first pet. Her name was Jackie (a mixed terrier). I remember my parents talking about that name because of the movie "Titanic" which had just recently been released, and they wanted to combine the name of Jack (who portayed:love, kindness, and faithfulness) into a female manner.

I can still see us as little kids playing with Jackie while she equally grew up with us. Playing tug of war with our teeth, giving the baths that left her white coat shining, the treats we gave to her on her birthdays and holidays, and the moments when she proved that she guarded this family with her life.

Here's to my Jackie. Who was more than a pet. She was a sister, mentor, idol, guardian, and most importantly a friend forever.


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