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Your reply message to my Benson
by: Hayley (Lincolnshire)

Thank you for your lovely message, I am so pleased that my tribute to my dear Benny gave you some comfort. What a beautiful boy, your Jasper. I believe also that he and Benson have become friends at Rainbow Bridge and together are healthy and happy, surrounded by much love (and cuddles from the Angels!). Keep strong.

Your message for my Rolo
by: jean

My lovely kind Pattie, I thank you so very much for your kind message for my sweet Rolo, if only he could be with me once again I would kiss his tiny head and let him know he will never be forgotten. Your message was so lovely and so comforting, and together with the same hopes we will see our babies once more in a better place.

Many Many thanks to you.


The Love Of An Animal
by: Neal & Jim

The love from a family pet member is unconditional. The Richness of that experience would lose some of rewarding joy if there were no sorrow at the time of loss. When sorrow comes and it often comes with bitter agony, that perfect relief is not possible, except with time, for time does make the hurt, pain & agony subside to some extent. The hurt, pain & agony is there because of the deep unconditional love we receive from the ones that love us and the ones we love.

Miss you too
by: Libby

The girls and I miss you too Jasper.

His little heart goes on
by: Jim in okc

Patti your heart is so full of love. He was a very lucky little boy.

My cousin
by: Vicky Kelly

He was a handsome one! I had no idea he was so young, so glad he had you for his mommy, you are a total sweetie!

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