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Hugs and kisses
by: Amy Badach

I am so sorry for your loss. What a cutie. I just lost my cat Baxter also to Lymphoma. Cancer in these little guys is just so awful. Taking our little loves at too young of an age. I believe that one day you will be reunited with Jelly just as I will be with my Baxter.

Hugs and kisses,

by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

What a special dog, Jelly was. Distinguished with his patched eye.

I am VERY sorry for your loss Laura. You and Jelly will be in each other hearts forever.

Margaret - hugs

I'm so sorry
by: Theresa

For Laura

I am so sorry for your loss,your baby was so beautiful and life is so cruel.
I am not going to tell you things get easier because they don't but I will tell you one thing, having another dog and loved one and companion to love makes it a little easier, trust me I know, I lost two beautiful doggies within 4 months and I never knew how much I truly loved them until they were gone, and god am I paying for that ignorance now.

Luckily I still have two beautiful babies in my life that keep me going and I really dont know where I would be without them. I am a big dog lover and the two that I lost were Shimma and Zeus, Shimma was a g.s.d and Zeusy was a rottwieller and believe me I have paid the price for taking them for granted.
I have my other two now, Wolfie a g.s.d and Lola a black belgian shepherd and I love them with all I have and more.

Again I say I am sorry cos I know what you are going through, please be strong and find someone, somewhere, that you can love again.

With Love and Condolences


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