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(Washington State)

We adopted JellyBean to be a companion to our older dog. She ended up being my companion and "right hand man". We traveled together, slept together, and even enjoyed string cheese together.

Just a short 5 months after adoption she started having problems and her vet discovered a lumpy liver. Only 2 months after that, our JellyBean made a turn for the worse and her lab results were devastating. We lost her to cancer. It was even more of a horrible blow to my family because JellyBean died only 2 weeks after our cat (who had been in the family for 10-11 years) died of cancer!

JellyBean was the most adorable, obedient, and fun-loving dog I have ever had. Technically she was the only dog I have ever adopted since our older dog was my partner's dog long before we met and I had never had a dog before that. I miss her soooooooo much and the pain of her loss hasn't gone away.

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