Your Pet Tributes


by Nicola
(Dorset, UK)

Jess was my beloved Blue Colourpoint Ragdoll Cat. I woke on Sunday 31 January 2010 to find her dead on the bed. She was only just 7 years old and had shown no signs of illness. The vet says she must have either had a heart attack or an embolism. I was and am in such shock at her parting. It doesn't seem real but unfortunately I know it is.

I have had her separately cremated, and was able to go to the crematorium and see her one last time and hug and kiss her and tell all she meant to me. I have her ashes in a box. Its all so unreal. Below is a little bit about her.

She was the most loving cat I have ever owned. Always there at the door to greet me, she'd then throw herself on the floor for her tummy to be tickled. She followed me everywhere and slept with me at night snuggled under the covers. Up with me again in the morning. She would sit beside me however small the space. As soon as I moved she would come with me - even in the shower she would be jumping up and meowing to come in! She loved being picked up and cuddled. She was almost more like a dog than a cat. She was very vocal and loved her treats.

I have had to take the week off work - I am so sad and can't imagine never seeing her again. I so hope that I will be one of the fortunate ones and she will come to me and let me know she is around me and ok. She must have been shocked at her own passing. Please do let there be an afterlife - I wish we knew for sure - I think I would feel a little better to know she will be there at my passing.

Jessie I love you and will never forget you, you were so special and helped me through the good and hard times - I miss you more than mere words can say. Rest in peace until we meet again.

Love Mummy xxxx

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