Your Pet Tributes


by Deborah Boone
(Greensburg Pa)

Jess came to me in June 1999 as a birthday gift. She was beautiful white with some brown and black. She was the best birthday present that I ever got or will ever get.

Jess was my life. People have asked "Well what did you do before Jess, what did your life consist of?" My life before Jess was something I would never go back to. Jess literally saved my life. Long story but believe me she did and for that Jess I will always be grateful.

We had some rough times, Jess and I but we made it through to get to the good times. You will always be my angel Jess. Thank you for sharing your 14 years of life with me, treasured every minute with you.

Always have my heart Jess.

Love you, Mom

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