Your Pet Tributes


by Leonor
(Miami, Florida)



Jessie, is being a year since I kissed you and hugged you for the last time, it was so hard to make that decision, but I did not want you to suffer, you were with me for 14 years, and I wish you had been with me even longer. I think of you often, in how sweet and wonderful of a dog you were. I think of our walks in how you would come to me for kisses, in how sweet you were my baby.

I miss you very much, is good that I have Juany your little companion who keeps me busy, but you were very special and always will be. I only hope that I see you again, I keep hoping for a sign or to dream of you my angel. I will always keep you alive in my memories and in my heart. I love you and always will.

I hope that you are happy and that there is a rainbow bridge and that you are running free waiting for me, because I do want so much that to be true and that I will see you again someday.

Love for ever and ever.

Jessie gone from me 10/12/09

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