Your Pet Tributes


by Sona

Junie (Junior) was an unexpected pet we ever had..!! Days started with her added more life to us. I used to measure her height with my palms... as days went on.... I was so cherished by her changes in appearance. The days went up she changed our attitude with every move she does though it sorted to be so silly and irritated... but seemed to be loved more and more.

She was like a baby for me... the way she shows her love when we are in pain times and the way she express her way, the way she fears like a child, way she cuddles, her warmth, never made us to think that she's a dog because she had never behaved in that way!!!.

She was a manly one with all of us (guider in every step we do). Also we loved the way she cared when we are sick I was wanted to feed her as I did in her early ages... but.... thought our life should be off before her's but fate had never changed and she didn't give me a chance for it.

Her death was unbelievable truth (shocked) I ever had. Hope you remain in heaven as more you were with us with gods angels love and care for you...!! Love you so much Junie.!!! Miss you..!!

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