Your Pet Tributes


by Colette Royston
(La Jolla, CA, US)



To My Kaano - Jan 1995 – July 15, 2009

I came home today after a long hard day
But the house felt so empty I could not stay.
I went for a walk and gathered my thoughts
To remember you Kaano my heart in a knot

I thought about times, from back in the past
Thought the fun that we had would last and last
Natalie and Aaron - you grabbed their heart from the start
You were beautiful, furry and oh so smart

Every one knew you - we couldn’t leave you home
Beaver creek, Telluride, LV has mark of your bone
So fluffy and handsome ears straight all the while
There is no question you knew how to smile

America and Kaano would run all their might
Everyone knew you both - such a sweet familiar sight
Friends and family you greeted - such a treat with you here
You watched our kids grow - giving pleasure no fear.

As our home became empty our children all grown
You too became older and wiser - and filled up our home
You were so kind and gentle: never a pest
In everyone’s book; you were simply the best

You seemed to know when someone was in need
You would be there so close to do a good deed.
I am sure that you lived as long as you could
Such a proud dog you were - you thought that you should

Though your last months you were slow
You moved with some thought
The pugs kept you young - and more time I think bought
The massage and your baths and all the tender care
You were so happy and loved and gave all you could share

I know you Kaano - you would not want us sad
You spent your life trying to please us - and we should be glad.
Your curled tail is still wagging; you sleep next to my bed
I still get up early as you wait to be fed.
On the floor next to you Ivor hugging and loving you
My heart is so full, of such memories to hold on too.

So rest my sweet dog your closeness so dear
And know in our souls we will always be near..

by Colette Royston

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