Your Pet Tributes


by Liz
(Chapel Hill, TN USA)

Your Little Life was taken far too soon. You brought so much love and laughter to our family and the last few days has had an eerie, sad, depressing silence. Your two furry friends Harley and Sadie are in mourning. I know Harley laid at your side until help arrived though your death was instant. I'm thankful he was there during your last precious moments.

I know you left this world a very happy spoiled little boy. You were a one of a kind and I have never ached so bad. My tears continue to fall every day with everything around me being a constant reminder of you.

We decided as a family to have you cremated so no matter where we go, you will be with us, like you should have been. Your blankets have not moved and it may take some time for that to happen.

I want to say Thank you Kenai, for your love, loyalty, and beautiful personality. Thank you for spending every morning with me in the bathroom under my feet while I tried to get ready for work. Thank you for helping me get the boys ready for school in the morning. Thank you for being in our lives. You will never be forgotten.

I know you are in heaven running around and having fun. Though your place on earth was short lived, the impression you left behind will go on forever.

I love you my sweet boy.

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