Your Pet Tributes


by Corinne Severin
(Danville, CA)

Our li boy, Kimo

Our li boy, Kimo

For Kimo

My li babbas... You brought so much love in my life.

When I brought you home and knew you were going to a very special Lhasa Apso.

Upon my research on what type of dog I wanted. I looked at Pomeranian's, Pekingeses, Maltese's the list goes on... But when I found you and where you came from, my heart said you were the one.

You originated from a country very far away called, Tibet. Lhasa Apso's were the "protectors" of The Potala Palace. Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. Lhasa Apso's protect the the Monks in the Monasteries and his Holiness the Dalai Lama. It's a very, very, very special place.

Your Daddy and I went there to visit... tho, the Tibetans have endured so much, they persevered. It's a beautiful place and it's people are beautiful.

I brought you home at 8 weeks... supercute, adorable and so precious. I fell in love.

When any strangers came to pet you, you would always wag your tail and lick their hand :-) you loved people.

You enjoyed your walks and loved to "chew", you would always chew on shoes and whatever you could get your teeth on! But you loved to play and were always loving.....

At night we would put you in bed with us and you would position yourself right in between. In the morning, you loved playing with both of us by trying to rolling around or lightly gnawing us.

You would make a growling sound while wagging your tail... tho, you did not like any door that was closed! You would be scratching at it until someone opens it.

We love seeing you "sit up" like a prairie dog! (of course, begging for food).

You had such an amazing life! You loved going for car rides and you would just stay in the car quietly until we came back. You just wanted to be with us.

You've been all over, baby! From camping, the beach, to the finest hotels. And, sometimes we would sneak you in!!

Because you don't like the "rain"... your Daddy would pick you up and carry you over to the lawn, then carry you back into the house. But you are worth it.

You also love to sunbathe ;-) Chewing on greenies or bones were your favorite! Come to think of it, any treat would suit you just fine! As long as it was ANY kind of treat ;-)

And, through the years you always had your tail up and that lovely "tooth" that greeted us everyday.

We love you always and know you are in a happy place with other doggies, they're gonna love you like we do.

Todd, Chad, Milo, Gigi and I will have you in our hearts forever..... until we meet again


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