Your Pet Tributes


by Melissa Haynes

KK.. Rest in Peace baby kitty

KK.. Rest in Peace baby kitty

I got you when you were just a tiny little thing, for Mother's Day, such a little bundle of fur and energy. You were the light of my life, little kitty, you were braver than both the dogs put together, not caring if it was raining outside or not if you wanted to go out, you would.

Your daddy loves you and misses you too, I know this house will never quite be the same. You were the BEST kitty in the world, I know we told you that from the time we got you, but, honestly, you were. I just thank God that we had the chance to love you, play with you, to watch you grow into a big beautiful girl, even though it was for such a very short time.

You will forever live in our hearts and minds as that beautiful healthy girl, that always made us smile. Until we meet again.

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