Your Pet Tributes


by Ellen

Being a single mom, when both my sons went to college I had terrible empty nest syndrome. Thus the idea of getting a dog to care for and love. I brought Kramer home at 8 weeks old. At 10 years old he was diagnosed with diabetes and I was devastated. Determined to do whatever at whatever cost, I treated him at home with insulin shots. First once a day then twice a day.

After 5 years he started having problems keeping his sugar regulated and started suffering seizures. Last week he had another after 3 weeks of rebounding and doing great. My heart couldn't take it seeing him like that and at the vets I felt he would rebound again but for how long. I chose to end his suffering although it put me in a terrible place.

Everything I read on this website I have been experiencing. Thank God for this website. I've been despondent as we lived alone together for 15 years, his birthday is June 25. My house is so empty as is my world. I'll get his ashes this week which I'm dreading but I look forward to "having him home". I loved him like a 3rd son and miss him so terribly. I just pray every day to have the pain lifted.

I will always love and miss you Kramer.

Love Momma

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