Your Pet Tributes


by Erin Whipkey
(Connellsville, Pennsylvania)

I am writing this tribute today to mark the 1 week of my Lacey's passing.

Dear Lacey,

I miss you so very much. It's only been a week and it feels like forever. I think about you all day! I miss were you would lie on the floor, when you would come lay at my feet when I would be on the computer and I miss holding you at night when I sleep. I look around the house and find it hard to breathe sometimes knowing all the times you were there looking at me with such hope and love.

I know you will be waiting for me to come and be with you and when we see each other again.... what joy it will be. I light a candle for you at home and I talk about you all the time, especially to Levi and Lexie your lovely babies. I will never forget what joy and love you brought to me.

Run and play everyday my sweet baby and know that you are with me in my heart and soul. You are a part of me now and that, my dear sweet girl, will never go away no matter how far away you now are from me. I love you baby and I always will. Look for me at the end of that beautiful rainbow because someday I will be there to meet you.

I love you Lacey,

Mom and Dad (Erin and Dan Whipkey)

Lacey is the black dog in the picture.

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