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I know how you feel
by: Racheal

I too lost the most wonderful, loving little boy of seventeen years and three months.

The loss we feel is so unbearable, the love these babies give is totally unconditional, we never realise it until they have gone. When they are ill, they hide their pain and keep going for us, time and time again. What human would do that?

All we can do now is always honour the memory, cherish the love they gave us unconditionally and if we do get another companion, we will be even more aware and pay more attention to that bundle of love.

You at least have a small part of Lady "what a beautiful name to to call your companion". Cherish her little ones, she will be so happy to see you loving them, please do not give them away. When you see them play you will see Lady, when you see them grow you will see Lady, when you see them sleep you will see Lady and when you hear them cry, you will hear Lady.

You are fortunate, this was Lady's gift to you, she knew she was going, and she knew you would mourn. Cherish them.

by: Anonymous

All cats go to heaven. You've got an angel watching and praying for you everyday. She will always be your baby and you will always be a mom to her. :)

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