Your Pet Tributes


by Cherryl
(Brisbane, Qld, Aust)

Leo Stealing some Dessert

Leo Stealing some Dessert

Our dear Leo, our baby boy. You gave your whole heart and soul to us unconditionally and trusted us to treat you as a pet rat should be. You were treated like a KING.... you roamed our lounge room at your will, you were so smart you were toilet trained and you would move around to all the members in the house for your loving tender pats, massages and smooches. You loved your playtime and bought so many smiles to our faces.

Our dear baby boy passed away yesterday, 19th September, 2011, aged 20 months. He suffered complications from the common mycoplasmosis respiratory disease. We had been treating him for over 12 months and received all the proper care a vet could possibly give.

We thank you to those dedicated people who kept our baby boys condition controlled as long as possible and healthy enough to enjoy his life.

Our tears in time may subside but our eternal love for you Leo will never cease.... We love you so very much and were blessed to have such a kind, placid, gentle baby boy as you.

We love you little man, may you rest in peace.

Lots of Love..... Cherryl, Andy, Dan & Jake xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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