Your Pet Tributes


by Pam
(New Hampshire)

Always had his head on a pillow

Always had his head on a pillow

Linus -

You were only with Tula and I for a little over a year. You were still a happy baby boy and I am so sorry your life was cut short.

I only hope the time you had with us was as happy for you as it was for us. I will never forget how excited you would get when I came home each night and the kisses you greeted me with. You were so shy and so scared when I brought you home, and knowing how much you grew to trust and love your big sister and I and our home makes me a little less sad.

I hope you are somewhere sunny. Running and playing with as many squeaky tennis balls as you will ever want. I hope there is peanut butter and grass.

I will always love you and I will never stop missing you. I will see you again some day my baby buggy boy.

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