Your Pet Tributes


by Mum

Enjoy the flowers at the Rainbow Bridge

Enjoy the flowers at the Rainbow Bridge

My beautiful boy Lucky, he was not a dog he was human!

You gave me the best 14 years anyone could ask for, your unconditional love has touched my heart so deeply that I ache to hold your head in my hands kiss your handsome face and tell you how much I love you.

The best boy in the world, the best day of my life when you picked me at the home.

You have brought me nothing but happiness,joy and love to my life and I am completely lost without you.

Your wee face is all I can see and I hope you are no longer in distress and can run and jump as fast as the other dogs at the Rainbow Bridge.

Forever in my heart and my thoughts I will never forget you never.

From your heartbroken Mum xxx
Nite nite son, sleep well

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