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My Condolences
by: Brenda (Apollo MoMMY)

I am so sorry about your loss. Now Lucy is in a better place with God and all the other pets at the Rainbow Bridge, it's okay to cry but don't cry of sadness cry of joy and think of all the memories you had with Lucy.

It's going to be very difficult I lost my baby boy Apollo almost a month ago I had him 11 yrs of my life i am 21 and I was 10 when I got him. I try very hard not to get depressed because I know our pets wouldn't want that.

Lucy left you a great gift her babies and you will always have a part of her there. I find myself crying a lot when I come home expect that wagging tail by the dog or all those kisses Apollo gave to me. But now our pets are pain free at rest. In there short lifes they touch our lives forever!


that is my story! just in case you want to stop by!


by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for you loss. Know my thoughts are with you. That is so good that you have kittens
from her. She will live forever through them.
I so wish my Katy could have had kittens, so a
part of her would have lived on in them. Sadly, she was spayed. In Love Marlene

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