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'My Beautiful Buddy'

by Dianna Petrytus
(Litchfield Park, Arizona)

It has been 5 months and 9 days and exactly 4 hours since I had to put my life long companion of over 20 years to rest. What most people don't know is that Buddy was a 20 plus year old siberian husky mix, with a black coat and sparkly blue eyes, that even as he got older always sparkled. The breed standard for a husky or even husky mix is only about 10 years.

This pain just does not seem to go away, I have his picture on my desk at work, one at home and I keep finding his hair all over the house I clean 2 to 3 times a week. Sometimes I think I see his shadow out of the corner of my eye. He's in my dreams, I feel him when I'm awake, but it just hurts like hell to know he is not here with me in this life.

He was just like one of my children, I got him when he was 6 weeks old, and his love was so unconditional it amazed me and his awesome blue eyes filled me with awe and a love that can not be matched to any other person or animal on this earth. I recently lost one of my cats Gonzo a big orange tabby that was a rescue, he and buddy were pals in a since, it seemed as if after Buddy passed that Gonzo was never quite the same and died very suddenly about 6 weeks ago from liver cancer (or so the vet thinks).

After Buddy passed Gonzo was never quiet the same and Gonzo was only 6 when he passed. Two pets in less than 6 months, what kind of cruel joke is god playing. My only consulation is that Buddy was waiting for Gonzo at the Rainbow Bridge with his tail wagging, his beautiful blue eyes shining and a whole bunch of kisses and licks for his bud. And I'm sure Gonzo was purring up a storm. I look forward to the day when this life is over and I can see my baby boy Buddy and Gonzo waiting for me with tails wagging, and that loud purring sound that was always such a comfort.

I am not looking forward to the holidays this year because of my special family members who are missing. I still have 4 dogs at home, his mate Klondyke, who is 18 she is getting frail, Kasha who is 16, JD who is 7, and the baby Santana, who is a husky, wolf, rotweiller mix, and she looks just like a blonde sheppard, she will be 3 on December 1st of this year, she has a lot of Buddy's traits in her personality, her mannerisms etc. I look at her sometimes and see him standing next to her teaching her the ways of life (or so it seems).

To other pet owners this may make sense, to people who do not have a pet they think I'm nuts. I sit here with tears running down my face wishing to just hold my baby boy one more time, and knowing that is not possible. There is little comfort in this world other than knowing that he is no longer sick and suffering, but the broken heart I do not believe will ever heal.

To all who have lost their beloved, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, ferrets or whatever your animal maybe, love them and cherish them always because they touch our lives in ways we will never be able to match with human companionship, and that their love is unconditional both in this life and the next. God bless you all.

Thank you for reading this.


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