Your Pet Tributes

'My Sweet Carola'

by Heyda
(Springfield MA)

My Dear Carola,

You left us today April 15 2012 at 6:30 am. You had been our company for 11 years of our lives. You came to us in the middle of our busy life as graduate students, when our lives seemed going nuts. You brought joy, love and company to the family. you traveled with us through good times and difficult ones. You saw everyone leave, even Papa Fico died...and you stayed with me. You were my company, my loving and faithful friend.

You were born in Springfield Ma and left us here in Springfield, it is interesting to see how that life cycle was closed. During your lifetime you travel to different places with us. How much you enjoyed living in Old San Juan and your daily doggie playgroups in El Morro! How much you enjoyed Kayaking with me... I'm going to be a lonely paddler from now on.... Your days in La Casita en el campo were so peaceful and quiet.... but there.... we had to leave..... Coming back to Amherst in Dec 2007... how happy you were when you walked in the snow! And moving to Springfield this past January... who would know that your life cycle was coming to a close!

But here we are... Eduardo is back home.... Zeppelin (the cat), your friendly companion..... and me... we will miss you and love you forever. We all thank you Carola, for being a faithful and loving companion and you will always be part of our lives... wherever we are!

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