Your Pet Tributes


by Mady
(Maryland )

You were my first cat that I could keep. I remember I had to give Minny to my Aunt who I saw all the time. Later she adopted Tom but I could never have him or Minny at my house only at hers.

After years of begging for a cat of my own they gave in and told me "Yes sweetie you can adopt a cat, but it has to be a girl." I was OK with that so about after a month of searching I decided to come to the place where I adopted Tom. That was when I saw you even though you were a boy I was allowed to adopt you!

I remember having to wait and eat lunch before I could go look at the kittens but I was so excited all I ate was a grape! I remember everyone knowing when I walked out of the shelter that I had gotten my favorite furry friend for two reasons 1) the box I carried you in 2) the biggest smile on my face!

I always loved how you would lay on your back with you paws up ready to attack anyone who dared to walk over, I never walked over cause I learned the hard way! So I always jumped over you.

I want to thank you, Oliver, for letting me cry into your fur then making me laugh. Like the day before everything happened I was crying and you took the string on my robe and made me play with you! I laughed when we played that day but it turns out it would be the last day we played.

I was at school when you passed and learned that you passed that night. I cried more than I ever had. It had only been about 2 years and I never got to say goodbye or I love you for the last time. I cry almost every night and never stop thinking about you. It has only been a week. All the memories came back to me and made me cry even more.

I called Charlie Ollie today! I will always love you unconditionally shnookums!

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