Your Pet Tributes


by Jakob

♥ I'll always miss you, I've known you since I was born. You would run around and play but then when you got old you had leg problems but with aspirin in your favorite hot dogs that would make you walk and play.

You were the best friend out of any I wouldn't even trade you for 1000 friends because your love is worth even more. I love you so much Pancho more than outer space, every time I had a bad day I'd go outside and see you come bark at me and talk to me.

It's the 1st day without you since you were put down yesterday. I have your collar and a picture of you and one of the vids of us playing and chatting. You're an 11 yr old best friend for my life, I wish I could come over that rainbow bridge and give you a big hug and all of the love I give you.

I'm crying missing the days to where I'd come and take care of you but since last Saturday you were ready. You stopped eating and just let flies all over you. Life without you isn't the same. You're buried in our back yard to be remembered, I visit you all the time and Binki misses Poncho a lot. I loved calling him Co co we were best friends and now I don't have one any more.

R.I.P Co co I love you soo much you're the best friend I'll never replace or forget. It's hard without you, I miss you Co co <3 I'm heart broken without you but a least you get to be with your friends Mishi and Yogi. Mishi was a fat but cute and very friendly cat he died from a sickness before I was born Co co was there. Now Yogi I knew him Co co knew him also he was a funny little love bird that was curious and cute.

Co co you loved to play and hang out with Mishi and Yogi sometimes through the screen door, Binki misses you also. I love you Pancho it's going to be hard without you, I love you Co co ♥ the friend who took care of you Co co it's me,


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