Your Pet Tributes


by Katie
(Stockton, CA)

Paya’s Song

Your face is still so clear
You left memories behind,
Reminds me of those better times
Your spirit lingers here
The pain’s so real
I don’t know what to think or how to feel

I see you out the corner of my eye
I realize it’s not and it makes me want to cry

Thoughts of that fateful day still playing in my head
Like a tape that’s set on repeat
And it won’t stop until I’m dead
I held you in my arms as you took your final breath
Your pain is gone and love is what you left…
What you left

I smell you on my pillow
The one you clutched at night
You’d nurse to sleep it was a sight
Where I would go, you’d follow
Comforted me to know your there
So I didn’t have a care

Reminded of when you were very small
The short time you spent on this earth
Had an impact on us all

Written by: Katie Horak
“I love you forever, Boo – Boo’s”

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