Your Pet Tributes


by Barbara Davis
(St Cloud, Fl)

To my dearest Pebbles,

It has been 1 week tonight that you left me and I miss you SOOOO much. Every minute I think of you. I don't want to wake up knowing you're not with me anymore. 11 years baby girl wasn't long enough to have you in my life.. I'm waiting for you to show me a sign that you are with me, I go to your grave daily and I hate the thought of you being in that ground.. I wish I could of cremated you so you would still be in the house with me.

You was a special dog, very smart knew the words I spelled out.. I know you're in heaven and happy, but I am so lost without you baby girl.. You were my everything.. I wish I knew what took you from me.. was it something I did wrong?? God how my heart aches, everywhere I look I expect to see you right behind me and you're not there.. Pebbs I'll never replace you.. I'll cherish your memories 4 ever. I miss your kisses and miss kissing you..

Sweet Dreams in heaven Pebbs Hope to be with you soon,

Love you Mommy

(I'll have your pic on here soon).

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