Your Pet Tributes


by Tracie
(Omaha, NE)

Farewell Peewee<br><br>                  July 24 1999 – July 6 2012

Farewell Peewee

July 24 1999 – July 6 2012

Tears coursing down my cheeks, the pain is raw and deep. His memories are fresh, memories I’ll always keep... Peewee was not just a dog; he was my pet, my baby, my best friend... I am left with a broken heart in time I hope will mend...

Peewee was precious & sweet, a little vicious to some. It is hard to believe he is gone! His heart was so full of love for me, I can only think of him and cry… The life we once shared is over now, I will miss his sweet and loving face. I have loved him so completely; no other could ever take his place. I firmly wipe the tears away, trying hard not to dwell on the pain, but he was so much a part of me, my life will never be the same.

Peewee you left an empty place, if only you didn’t have to die. I know someday I will think of you and not hurt & cry... Your memory will never fade, my love for you will never cease... You will always live in my heart, Farewell Peewee, Rest in Peace I will always love you.

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