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Rest well Percy
by: Ed

Thank you for sharing your life with Percy Rachel ..

Rescues truly are the best aren't they?

I rescued a 5 or 6 year old female Border collie / Aussie Shepard mix named "Co Co" in 2009 shortly after my mini Schnauzer Fritz passed after almost 15 years ...

Co Co was very much like your Percy - She immediately became my best friend / constant companion and guardian -

Sadly, I lost her to renal failure in December - My heart is still broken and I miss her so very much - Just as you miss your Percy I'm sure.

I have no doubts that God reserves a very special place in Heaven for our Percy's and Co Co's ... Truly they are unconditional love in it's purest form -

God Bless you and may God watch over your Percy until it's time for you to be reunited

Ed in Colorado

We love you Percy
by: Anonymous

You were an awesome dog Percy.

by: Mom

Nice tribute Rachel. Percy was a character and I loved her too! May Percy's memory beat forever within the chambers of your heart, and with each passing year I hope those memories become more beautifully poignant and ever less painful.

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