Your Pet Tributes


Never thought that losing you will make my heart ache so profoundly.... just 2.5 years of your company has made me go through all the emotions one can feel at a much later stage.

Love, exuberance, association, responsibility, separation and finally remembrance-long after you have gone!! Seeing you die and then cremating you was the most stressful part... felt a huge sense of loss... fact that you would never be seen running on my bed, gulping Maggie, peeing on my favorite pillow, posing for the camera, made me shiver, realizing that death of a loved one can be so painful.

Though guinea pigs don't interact or respond like dogs, but loss of a pet matters a lot. Dog or a mouse, every pet has something to teach you. Taking good care of pet is of utmost importance... I hope piggy had a life which was fun without any confinement... I never treated him like a rodent.

Will always remember you... my first pet Piggy.

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