Your Pet Tributes


by The Simione's
(Southern N.J.)

Pumpkin in the window

Pumpkin in the window

She was a fierce little thing! She lived fast and died hard, but will NEVER be forgotten!

Pumpkin came to us on a warm October evening, begging for food as a tiny kitten. Her name came thoughtlessly, nothing else would have done. She never had a dull moment in her short life, always up to something, always entertaining. She was The Best hunter our forest has ever seen. She would bring us multiple "gifts" a day from mice, to flying squirrel, to wild turkey, and everything in between!

Although she played hard, she loved harder. Every night she would take turns cuddling with her owners. Warming your feet wasn't the only thing either. She would march right up to your pillow and curl into a small ball under your chin, a personal heater.

Pumpkin had the perfect kitty life: plenty of game, plenty of toys, and plenty of love. She will forever be a kitten, just two years old. And, she will forever live here, in these woods, with us.

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