Your Pet Tributes


by Kristi

Q - 1996-Sept 10, 2011

Q - 1996-Sept 10, 2011

I rescued Q from the Humane Society in 1997. Although I'm the one who "chose" him, in reality it was him who chose me. From his cage he meowed and meowed, he called me, and basically told me that I was taking him home.

It was obvious that Q hadn't had a safe life before I brought him home, but I gave him 14 years of love and affection. Other siblings have since joined our family, but Q was my first.

Today I made the decision to let Q move on to his next phase of existence. There is a hole in my family, and in my heart right now, but I'm glad I was with him in the end, and he was purring in my hand when his heart took it's last beat.


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