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I am truly sorry...
by: Hannah

I know that this comment will probably mean nothing to you, however, I've chosen to leave it because if I can bring any comfort to you, I will do my best.

I know that you and you alone know what it feels like to lose Reese, your beloved Husky. I lost my rabbit, Joy, a few months ago. I had to put her down and it's been about 3 months. The tears still have not stopped. I get lonely at night and can't stop missing her.
I'm not trying to downplay your experience with mine. The reason I'm sharing that with you, is to let you know that unfortunately the crying will probably never stop. BUT, that is not to dishearten you!! The kind of tears you cry WILL change. They will go from missing Reese and being broken hearted over his death, to crying happy and joyful tears because of the amazing memories that you shared with him. Things WILL get better!! Sometimes I can still hear Joy hopping in her cage or eating carrots and I know that she's come to visit me when that happens. Reese will never leave you no matter what happens. Though his body is no longer here, he is free and running around happily at the Bridge. He will forever be in your heart. Don't try to hold the sad tears in. Let them flow, tell him how much you miss him, and eventually the memories of him won't bring broken tears, but they will bring huge smiles, laughter, and many many joyful tears.

I hope this helps. Losing a pet is so hard. I have no idea how you feel in your loss as I only had my rabbit for 7 years and each animal and human relationship is soo different. I can only relate in saying I know that losing a best friend is hard. And though it doesn't seem like it now, things do get better.

I feel your pain
by: Dianna Petrytus

I totally understand I lost my 20 year old husky mix it will be one year on June 11th. I miss him everyday but please know there are people who wish you well during your time of grief. My baby too is on this site his name is Buddy, my blue eyed boy.

May I....
by: stevie

May I respectfully offer my sincere condolence to you at losing your beloved Reese. Only you know how much you loved Reese and how much you hurt. However.... may I also respectfully suggest you allow the love you have for Reese take you to a place very soon to rescue another dog who will love you like Reese did and who you will love too but somewhat differently yet, the same, as Reese. this will heal you and also save another dog.

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