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A lifetime in a short time
by: Tim

How awful to lose him so soon. I can only suggest he wasn't meant to be here long, but was destined to spend those 2 days with you so he could experience the happiness and love you gave him before it was his time to go.

I've just lost a companion of 7 years and I'm really struggling to cope with the loss. From reading your story, you and Reuben seem to have compressed the same relationship into a short space of time.

My heart goes out to you all.

So Sorry
by: Bunny

Dear Gem and Gareth

I'm so sorry to hear about your boy Reuben. It's so heartbreaking for him to have found such love and a perfect home with you just for him to be taken from you so soon.

But I am glad he lived long enough to know that love, and experience life as your boy even if only for a few days. My heart goes out to you at this difficult time.

Warmest Regards

Bunny xxxxx

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