Your Pet Tributes


by Jasmine E Annakin

Ringo xx My Lil Man Forever! xx

Ringo xx My Lil Man Forever! xx

I Lost My Very Best Friend Last Thursday!
My Daughters Heart Crushed on Her 8th Birthday!

He changed my family in ways I cannot describe!
Converted Lifelong Cat Haters By The Dozen with his beautiful soft Vibe!

From 4 weeks old, I held my baby in my hands!
Gave him MY ALL, EVERYTHING! I really don't understand!

My lil man loved us dearly & he was the most loved "Cat" around!
Though in life and finally the cause of death, he never made a sound!

I ran to him always, I saved his life, he gave a life to me!
But why he had to be taken from me, I will never ever see!

I am so angry, I'm so upset, It doesn't matter what you do!
Love them, look after them, give them your heart, but they're only on loan to you!

I can only pray that when I go my babies the 1st one I see,
Cause without him im my life anymore, I will never again be the person who in those special moments only he could make me!

I will never again love another Boy as much as I have loved him!
He will always be there in the front of my heart, through every thought and whim!

I love you my "Lil Man" Forever!

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